Call Me, The Babysitter

I made a spontaneous, trip to visit my brother, because he needed someone to watch the baby,, during the day, for a few days, and he couldn’t find anyone. I hadn’t seen my nephew in a while, so I figured why not. I bought my ticket, yesterday morning, packed in 2 or 3 minutes, and jetted to the his station.

Today, was the first day, taking care of my nephew. I was kind of nervous because I hadn’t been alone with him, since he was just s few days old. Everything, seemed to work out. He had a few temper tantrums, but nothing that didn’t last long.

I hope tomorrow goes just as well.


What Is This World Coming To?

I just read this article and found it very disturbing. Apparently, a female McDonald’s employee viciously attacked a young mother in front her child. What a heartless person this McDonald’s employee was to attack a mother in front of her child? The child must have been so scared.

There was some footage of the attack and you can see many people standing around, not bothering to stop this woman. If I was there, I would have done something, so the child wouldn’t have to see their mother in pain any longer.

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

Couple weeks ago, I realized that my dream job would be a toy maker, or designer. A lot of my artwork is inspired by Todd McFarlane action figures. I make lots of weird figures and creatures. Making funky action figures would be the ideal job for me and it is something I can REALLY see myself doing.

Now how do I make this a reality? What do I look for when search for jobs in this field? Do I have the requirements to pursue a career in toy making? Let’s see, I already went to art school, so I can check that off. I have couple of years experience with figurative sculpting. I’m not the strongest drawer, but I can get the basic look of my ideas down with no problem.

I’m going to head over to Google and look up, toymaker job opportunities, see if that comes up with anything. I’ll get back to you.

Parents Please Don’t By These For Your Kids


These are the new Ninja Turtle toys that will be release with the shitty movie. They look so stupid. The heads are disproportioned with their bodies and so are their limbs.

I urge you parents out there, that grew up Ninja Turtles, no matter how hard your kids beg you to buys these for them, say no. If they want Ninja Turtle action figures, go online and find the original ones and buy those for your kids. Teach them that these are not REAL Ninja Turtles. These are abominations.

Much Respect For Leo

When Leonardo DiCaprio did Titanic, I hated him. He was everywhere and the only reason is because he was so handsome and teenage girls all thought he was dreamy. Now that he is older and has more acting roles under his belt, I can admit he is a talented actor. He was great in The Departed and Django Unchained.

I just read this article, describing how he refused to party with Justin Bieber. That gives me even more respect for him as a person and a celebrity.

What To Write About

I’m finding it really hard coming up with things to write about. I don’t know if I can last the rest of the year with this blog. My life is very uneventful and I don’t know what to write about. As you can see, I cheat by posting articles I find interesting, or YouTube videos I like. I keep trying to think of new ideas on what I can do with this blog. First, I was writing about my day, my poems, my heroes, cooking, Top Tens, TV shows I like, but were do I go now. Seems like the only thing I keep thinking to write is about my pathetic life, and how depressed I get some days. I don’t want that to be all I write about. I want to write positive things. I just don’t have many positive things to write about at the moment.

You Sued Napster For No Reason Lars Olrich

I got this app on my tablet that allows me to look up songs I like, and then download them for free. I had a similar app on my iPod as well. With all these free apps that allow you to download music for free, it seems that guy who created Napster, shouldn’t have been sued.

These apps do exactly the same thing Napster did, and it is legal, so the guys from Metallic sued this guy for no reason because people can still download their music for free. What are you going to do now shit heads, sue all the creators of these perfectly legal applications?

Finally Walking Again

Today, I finally got off my ass and went for a walk. I walked to the local reservoir, went around it twice, then walked back home. Normally, I walk with my iPod Touch while the pedometer app is open, so I can tack my progress, but since I lost it,  I don’t know how many calories I burned. I know I walked and that’s all I need to know.

I still would have liked to share my results, here and on Facebook. My Facebook friends give me the motivation to continue. I want to buy one of those wristbands that track your steps, your heart rate, and your sleeping. It would be easy to keep it on me at all times, and it’s waterproof, so I don’t have to worry about getting it wet. Then I could post my progress again and get the motivation I need to continue.