Are You Kidding Me “True Blood”?

I’m a fan of the HBO show, True Blood. I think it is a very entertaining show and each episode always finishes with me wanting more. I started watching the current and final season, but I was shocked that they killed off the most annoying character and didn’t even show her death.


Ever since season 2, I have hated Tara. Every fucking season she was having some problem. I couldn’t stand her whining about how fucked her life was. When she died in season 6, I was so happy, but they had to turn her into a vampire to keep her on the show. You would think being a vampire would stop her bitching. It didn’t.

Maybe she was killed in the season 6 finale and I just forgot I saw it, but I think I would remember Tara meeting the true death. Just seems stupid they didn’t show her die. I would have loved to see it.


The Strain (review)

I’ve been watching Guillermo del Toro’s new TV show, “The Strain”, and I have to say, del Toro has done it again. It is an excellent show and it keeps me interested the entire episode. I could watch an episode and all of a sudden see the end credits, and think, what the hell, but then realize that the show what so captivating that time went by quickly. I love shows like that.

From the previews of the show, I thought the show was about a plague. Then I learned that it is actually a vampire story, but with del Toro’s own twist. The show is based on a trilogy that del Toro wrote with another guy. I will be sure to read the books ASAP.

As I said, the show is very suspenseful. Quick some up, a airplane landed in New York and all the passengers were presumed dead, except for four survivors. As time went on, the dead passengers, weren’t so dead anymore, and the survivors are beginning to change themselves. Each episode, shows more of the changes happening to the survivors. I would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of Guillermo del Toro’s films and like vampire stories.

24: Live Another Day, Verdict

Well I watched the season finale of 24 today and I have to say, it didn’t get that much better. Lot of the episodes were just the same routine as the previous seasons. Nothing new happened. Only good thing was Jack kicking ass and taking names, but even that was boring sometimes.

I was interested in the fact that they brought back the Chinese guy that tortured Jack and Audrey. I was not expecting that. I’m glad Jack got to chop his head off with a samurai sword. That was cool, but it was typical that someone Jack cared about died AGAIN.

I should have know that Audrey was going to die because of the last conversation she had with Jack. She didn’t say the three little words that sign your death warrant, “I love you,” but she had a heart warming conversation with him and that counts sometimes, as “I love you,” in the 24 universe.

I’m worried that they will have another season. It was a season finale, not a series finale, so they could continue with 24. I don’t think they should, but they probably will.

I Found a New Show To Watch

My brother and his wife have been watching, Orange Is The New Black, at dinner. I was only half watching it because I hadn’t seen it before. I was playing games on my tablet, while listening to the show. After a few episodes, I started to get into.

It is about a privileged, blonde, white girl who is sent to jail for drug trafficking. You see her struggles adjusting to jail life and her relationship with her fiancĂ©e. Its funny and engaging. I can’t wait to watch all the episodes on Netflix.

Dominion (review)

I watched the premier of SyFy’s new show, “Dominion”, last night. Here is my review:

First off, it is not about angels vs. demons. it is angels vs. humans. That made me think of that movie, “Legion”, with Paul Bentley. Funny enough, when I was watching the beginning credits to Dominion, it actually read, “Based on the film, ‘Legion”. That cleared things up. It seems to take place years later, after the movie.

It was kind of boring for the first hour. Lot of setting up the characters and introducing this new world. I understand that is what needs to be done in a pilot, but it was still boring. Long story short, this is Romeo & Juliet, but with angels. Two families butting heads. Not as bad as the Capulets and Montagues, but still rivals. This world is strong believers in “upper” and “lower” class people. They even created new classes, I think. Each class has a specific number.

The second hour of the premier, brought more action to the show. I think now that the characters are introduced and we understand this world a bit, that the next episode will have more action, and suspense. We will see. If it doesn’t, I will stop watching it.

Summer’s Tuesday TV Night

I have started watching two new shows on SyFy, on Tuesday nights. First at 9:30, is Heroes of Cosplay. It’s like Project Runway, but with superhero costumes. Every week there is a different cosplay contest, and they focus on certain contestants and how they come up with their ideas for their costumes and how they make them reality.

I like Heroes of Cosplay because I’m a comic book nerd, and this is right up my alley. I like seeing all these cool costumes, and how they are made from everyday people. It also has lots of hot women dressing like Catwoman and other sexy superheroes. Boobs always get my attention. Wink.

Then at 10:00, is The Will Wheaton Project. It is Will Wheaton talking about pop culture, TV, movies, and lots of other nerdy things. I figured I would give it a shot since it was after Heroes of Cosplay, and I did find Will Wheaton funny on the Big Bang Theory.

I was glad I watched it. It was pretty funny. He makes funny a lot of different things, and he always has a guest on the show. He’s had Chris Hardwick, Felicia Day, and last night he had Seth Green. It’s a good half hour show.

Later, in the month SyFy, premiers a new show about angels vs. humans, called Dominion. It looks cool and it has the actor who played Giles on Buffy. I marked my calendar for the premier.

A Day of Catching Up

I woke up this morning and began the binge watching. I began with Agents of Shield, which was awesome and can’t wait for next season. After that, I went on to 24. It was good. It wasn’t as exciting as I though it would be, but it will get better. It’s 24, it always gets better.

Big Bang Theory was next. It was hilarious as usually, and cute. Elementary was great. Now I’m on Arrow. It’s SO good!

Favorite Shows Got Axed

I’m so pissed at NBC, and CBS for canceling “Growing Up Fisher” and “The Crazy Ones”. I enjoyed both shows very much and they didn’t last more than one season. Dicks!

CBS would rather keep “Two and a Half Men”, then welcome a new show. I think “Two and a Half Men” has ran its course. It’s done.

NBC wants to keep two shows about Chicago, instead of having a nice family show. I don’t think they have many of those.

At least, “Mom”, “The Blacklist”, and “About a Boy”. Didn’t get canned.

I almost forgot. FOX can suck it too for canceling “Almost Human”. It had potential. I was always eager to watch it.

Must See TV

It’s hard sometimes being in a foreign country and not have the ability to watch your favorite shows. I know I could probably watch them on my tablet, but the internet here is not that strong, so it would probably be a shitty picture. It’s also hard with Facebook because all my friends post things about the shows that I watch.

I’m missing, Arrow, Supernatural, The Blacklist, Growing Up Fisher, Agents of Shield, Big Bang Theory, New Girl, and probably more that I’m forgetting. Just an hour ago, I was able to watch an episode of The Blacklist that I’ve already seen. It was a good episode, so I didn’t mind watching it again.

I’ll just have to wait another week, before I can binge watch On Demand all the shows I need to catch up on.

Latest Episode of “Arrow”


If we are to believe that Oliver’s mother was telling him that she knew he was the Arrow, then why didn’t she say, “I am so sorry, Oliver for shooting you last year.”

That makes me wonder, if they really were indicating that she knew Oliver’s secret identity. It just seems like that would be an important subject to discuss between the two of them.