September 11, 2001

I wrote this after 9/11. I thought I would share it on this sad day.

World Trade Center gone
Pentagon bombed
Pennsylvania bombed
All in about 3 to 4 hours
Who knows what will happen next?

We are at war within a breath
Terrorists have made the people of the USA
Fear for their lives

I hear a plan flying near my house
It gets closer and closer
I start to pray to God that it won’t
Crash into my house and take me away
From my family

Why does God create people who are capable
Of killing innocent people for no good reason?


Five Candles

I wrote this poem many years ago. After reading it, I can honestly say that I had a f***** up mind. No wonder I was drawn to TV shows like Buffy and Angel.

Five Candles

Five candles burning in a glass jar.
Child plays in the dark, far from the light.
In the shadows, hideous creatures lurk
Around the child, planning their attack.
They get close enough to the child.

There is a roar and all of a sudden the candles are blown out,
And all that is seen the smoke from the wicks.
The whimpering of the child is heard in the darkness.
The five candles are lit again, and the child is alone, quivering with blood split on his hands,
But the blood is not his own.

The True Meaning of His Name

M: Muslim, making decision, murdered for making a mockery of Mr. Muhammad, man not mouse
A: Arrested for anarchy, animal, ability to advise, ally of Allah
L: Larceny, loved, loyal, limited life, leader
C: Convict, criminal, conqueror, confident
O: Open minded, out spoken, opinionated, one of a kind
L: Lost soul, loved his family and fellow brothers
M: Minister of Muslims, mission to make blacks and whites live together peacefully

Brother Malcolm

I wrote this poem for Malcolm X. It talks about how Elijah Muhammad taught him that ALL white people are the devil, when in fact many black Muslims broke bread with fellow white Muslims. Also Elijah Muhammad had relations with many female Muslims and Malcolm X was killed by followers of Elijah Muhammad. I bring up all this in the poem. Enjoy!

Brother Malcolm

Gaining the trust of African Americans
Speaking the words that he thought were true
But what he was taught by his founder, was a lie

The man that made him what he was
Who taught him the way to Allah
Disgraced Brother Malcolm and led
Him to his demise