Happy Birthday Malcolm X!

Since it is Malcolm X’s birthday today, I thought I would share this artwork of him that I found online and one of his quotes.



A Disgrace To Malcolm X

First read this then read on:
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Even if she wasn’t calling Malcolm X a nigga she still shouldn’t have placed it anywhere near Malcolm X. He fought to end racism and that word didn’t support his cause one bit.

I refer to a Public Enemy song, “I Don’t Wanna Be Called Yo Niga”. Black people should stop using that word to refer to themselves. They have taken some of its hurtful meaning away, but some of it still remains. Racist bigots can now laugh with each other about how black people now call themselves niggers. Probably saves them time saying it to their faces.

Richard Notkin

I may have mentioned this before, but if I haven’t, I went to art school. I majored in ceramics. When I was in school, we were asked to interview a well known ceramist. I chose a ceramist who’s artwork I found very similar to mine. His name was Richard Notkin. Most of the artwork of his that I had seen, had skulls in some form or another, on it. I found his work very interesting.

I emailed him and he agreed to a phone interview. He was very friendly and inspiring. He explained that he was a narrative ceramist. His work was made to tell something, like the awful presidency of George W. Bush, or the horrors of the holocaust. His inspiration came from yixing teapots. Yixing was the type of clay used to make the teapots. I enjoyed talking to him so much. He became my favorite ceramist.

In 2010, I was fortune enough to take a workshop with him. It was the greatest two weeks of my life. That was until the next year, when he taught another work shop, and I took it. I can’t wait to take another workshop with him.

Tim Burton

One of my favorite directors and film maker, Mr. Tim Burton is the most creative person in the film industry. His movies are the most interesting and imaginative movies I’ve ever seen. The first movie I ever saw of his was “Batman”. I was too young at the time to know it was him, but it was my favorite movie. Then that lead me to the rest of his classics, like Beetlejuice, Nightmare Before Christmas, Sleepy Hollow, and many more. “Sleepy Hollow” was one of my favorites because it was one of my favorite children’s book.

I admire Tim Burton because he is not afraid to express himself through his movies. I read his book, “Burton On Burton”, and found it very insightful to the mind that is Tim Burton. As a young man, he was a loner and he didn’t have many friends, like me. He would draw weird things, like me as well. Fast forward to the present, he doesn’t chose to make a movie unless he has some relation to the story. He doesn’t make movies to make money, he makes them to tell stories and let his imagination shine it’s light.

John Leguizamo

I was in high school when John Leguizamo’s show “Freak” was on HBO. I had heard about it, but wasn’t that interested in it. Then one night it was on and thought I would watch a little of it. I ended up watching the whole show and could not stop laughing. His impressions of his family were hilarious.

He is a hero for taking the troubles from his childhood and making something creative with them. He talks about how his father was abusive, how he had to move around a lot and his struggles growing up, but he presents all this in a hysterical way. I can relate to some of the struggles he encountered. Also his mother is Colombian and so is mine, and he had a gay uncle and I do too.

I liked his special so much I wrote him a letter, couple weeks later I got an autographed photo of him. It was legit too. He actually signed it. I framed it and it is still hung up on my wall.

In this clip, he discusses puberty:

Malcolm X

You guessed it! Malcolm X is the next hero on my list. I was in high school and we had to do a biography on a black person for black history month. I had recently found a copy of the autobiography of Malcolm X by Alex Haley in my brother’s old books. I was curious to read it, so I chose to do my biography on him.

I read the book very quickly because it was so interesting. I generally like reading biographies because they are true stories. These people actually lived. I was intrigued by Malcolm X’s biography because he wasn’t always a equal rights activist. He was once a thief, pimp, and drug dealer. He lived a hard life before he was set on the right path. I think that is very inspiring.

Malcolm X was so interesting to me, that I started collecting random papers on him, like postcards and the bio I did on him, which I got an A on. I even found a newspaper clipping featuring an article about the his diary, which he had on him when he was gunned down.

I was so inspired by his story that he is probably my biggest hero.

George Carlin

My next hero/idol is George Carlin. He is one of the funniest comedians I’ve ever seen and he’s one of my favorites. His book, “Brain Droppings”, was the first non-children’s book I ever read. I was maybe 14 when I read it.

I love his kind of humor and the way he said things. My favorite comedy bits of his are when he describes the differences between baseball and football and the whole guacamole bit.

For your viewing pleasure:
Baseball vs Football

Muhammad Ali

My life is pretty boring at the moment, so it’s tough coming up with things to write about. I decided I would list some of my heroes/idols and explain why they are my heroes. The heroes can be authors, artists, musicians, activists, or celebrities.

I will begin with the first hero I remember ever having, Muhammad Ali. I was in elementary school when we had to do a biography on someone. I don’t remember why I chose Ali, but I was very glad I did.

I was happy to do this biography on him. I enjoyed every minute of research I did. The documentary film, “When We Were Kings”, hadn’t come out yet, but I saw it once it came out. Also I applaud Will Smith on his performance as the champ in “Ali”.

Muhammad Ali is one of my heroes because he was one of the greatest boxers who ever lived. I’m not into sports, but he made me interested in boxing, at least his boxing. He was the people’s champion. I also liked him because of his beliefs. He was willing to go jail, rather fight in Vietnam. His famous quote says it all,

“I ain’t got not quarrel with them Viet Cong. No Viet Cong ever called me nigger.