One Ingredient Ice Cream

One Ingredient Ice Cream

I came across this post on Facebook and had to try it. The results were delicious.


I added a spoonful of peanut butter, so it tasted like a banana dipped in peanut butter. Yum yum. I’m definitely going to try adding more things. Think I’ll try strawberries next. I love strawberry banana.


How To Turn Cheese Into Bacon

How To Turn Cheese Into Bacon:

I had to try this because I love bacon, but I don’t always have it in the house. I usually have shredded mozzarella though, so this helps my bacon craving.

Check it:


I left it a little too long on high heat on one side, but still tasted great. Very crispy like bacon and smokey. It went great on my burger. When I was done cooking, my kitchen even smelled like I had been cooking bacon. Funny.

PB and J Stuffed French Toast (recipe)

Peanut Butter and Jelly Stuffed French Toast (recipe):

I made this today. I thought of putting some cinnamon and sugar to the eggs and then beating them.

Here is my results:


When I was flattening the sandwich, after putting the PB and J,most of the jelly oozed out. The result was that my sandwich was more a PB and little J sandwich, but it was still good. Also the cinnamon and sugar made it taste even better.

This video is also funny because you see the other brother, and he is obviously stoned. You can even see smoke coming from a joint, that is probably sitting in an ashtray off camera.

Homemade Doritos (recipe)

Homemade Doritos – Cool Ranch/Classic Nacho:

This is a great recipe and a funny parody. I can’t get “Another Brick In The Wall” out of my head, though, but still awesome.

Here are my results:


I fooled around with how long to fry each side. Sometimes it was a minute, sometimes it was half.

Once I got going, didn’t want to stop. I just kept cutting up tortillas. I went through a bag and a half of tortillas.  That made two big ziplock bags worth of chips.

When I was done frying,  I sprinkled the ranch dressing mix into the ziplock bags with the chips and gently shock the bags.

They were so good.  I may never buy Doritos again. I’ll just make my own.

McDonald’s Chicken McNugget Clone (recipe)

This was a delicious recipe to attempt. When they were finished, they were SO crispy and delicious. I wanted to see how the nuggets came out, if I only fried them once and the result was not so crispy.

These were so good at times certain nuggets tasted exactly like a McNugget. It was amazing.

Here they are:


Give them a try. They’re definitely worth it.

McDonald’s Chicken McNugget Clone Recipe:

Wendy’s Chocolate Frosty (recipe)

A friend of mine introduced me to this YouTube channel, Brothers Green Eats, because he knew I liked cooking stuff from the Internet. He was telling me how they were making the Wendy’s Frosty at home.

The channel sounded interesting,  so I went to the channel and found so many recipes I want to try, which I will post in the future. Also these guys are pretty funny. They’re not just teaching you to cook, but they’re entertaining you as well.

I found the Wendy’s Frosty video and attempted to make it. Here is my first attempt:


First off, I would not recommend making this in a Magic Bullet. The blades weren’t grinding the ice, so I had to shake the Bullet, while it was On. You want to use a REAL blender.

Now the verdict. It came out really good. It was definitely the right consistency of a Frosty and the flavor was pretty close. I think maybe the taste depends on what chocolate milk you use.

Anyway, check out the video below.

Wendy’s Chocolate Frosty – 3 Ingredient Clone:

Homemade Pudding Pops



I followed this recipe. Instead of making pudding, I bought some pudding cups from my local dollar store, along with some trail mix bags. I filled half the cups with pudding. Then I put some of the trail mix, and then filled the cup to the top with pudding. A 4-pack of pudding cups, made 4 pudding pops. They were really good. You should try them.