Oreo Pancakes (recipe)

Oreo Pancakes Recipe:

Very yummy! I used frosting instead of Cool Whip. That made it more like an Oreo sandwich.



Homemade Doritos (recipe)

Homemade Doritos – Cool Ranch/Classic Nacho:

This is a great recipe and a funny parody. I can’t get “Another Brick In The Wall” out of my head, though, but still awesome.

Here are my results:


I fooled around with how long to fry each side. Sometimes it was a minute, sometimes it was half.

Once I got going, didn’t want to stop. I just kept cutting up tortillas. I went through a bag and a half of tortillas.  That made two big ziplock bags worth of chips.

When I was done frying,  I sprinkled the ranch dressing mix into the ziplock bags with the chips and gently shock the bags.

They were so good.  I may never buy Doritos again. I’ll just make my own.

McDonald’s Chicken McNugget Clone (recipe)

This was a delicious recipe to attempt. When they were finished, they were SO crispy and delicious. I wanted to see how the nuggets came out, if I only fried them once and the result was not so crispy.

These were so good at times certain nuggets tasted exactly like a McNugget. It was amazing.

Here they are:


Give them a try. They’re definitely worth it.

McDonald’s Chicken McNugget Clone Recipe:

Wendy’s Chocolate Frosty (recipe)

A friend of mine introduced me to this YouTube channel, Brothers Green Eats, because he knew I liked cooking stuff from the Internet. He was telling me how they were making the Wendy’s Frosty at home.

The channel sounded interesting,  so I went to the channel and found so many recipes I want to try, which I will post in the future. Also these guys are pretty funny. They’re not just teaching you to cook, but they’re entertaining you as well.

I found the Wendy’s Frosty video and attempted to make it. Here is my first attempt:


First off, I would not recommend making this in a Magic Bullet. The blades weren’t grinding the ice, so I had to shake the Bullet, while it was On. You want to use a REAL blender.

Now the verdict. It came out really good. It was definitely the right consistency of a Frosty and the flavor was pretty close. I think maybe the taste depends on what chocolate milk you use.

Anyway, check out the video below.

Wendy’s Chocolate Frosty – 3 Ingredient Clone:

Welcome Back

Obviously,  I didn’t achieve my goal of writing a post every day last year. I kept missing days and they kept piling up. Eventually, I just gave it up because I had nothing important to say anymore, but it is a new year and I want to get back to my blog.

I decided that I will only posy when I have something REALLY worth writing about. Sometimes it’s hard trying to think of what to write about or share, so I won’t pressure myself to write something everyday, just when inspiration hits me.

So let’s get to it.