Top Ten: Ways I Think Geoffrey Lannister Should Have Died

After seeing, Geoffrey die in Game of Thrones, I was a little disappointed. He was just poisoned. After, the Red Wedding, I think the world of Game of Thrones is a bit harsher, than poisoning an asshole king like Geoffrey.

Here are my top ten ways Geoffrey could have died:

Sans a Stark could have chopped off all his limbs, then cut off his head.

One of the Stark dire wolves could have eaten him.

(This may be a little twisted, but he deserves the worst)
A gang of whores capture him, rape him, cut off his dick, then beat him to death

(Similar to #3, but there is a twist)
A gang of male whores capture him, rape him, cut off his dick, shove it in his ass, then beat him to death.

Molten gold is poured on his head.

Arya Stark kills him. I don’t know how, she just does.

He is eaten by dragons.

Tyrion Lannister uses him as target practice for his crossbow.

He is burned at the stake.

(This is not so much a way he could have died, but what could have happened to his corpse. FYI, it is pretty screwed up)
After he was poisoned, his body is chopped up into itty bitty pieces, placed inside a meat pie, or some dish, then feed to his mother.

Told you it was messed up 🙂
Also, no need to worry, I am already in therapy 😉


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