24: Live Another Day, Verdict

Well I watched the season finale of 24 today and I have to say, it didn’t get that much better. Lot of the episodes were just the same routine as the previous seasons. Nothing new happened. Only good thing was Jack kicking ass and taking names, but even that was boring sometimes.

I was interested in the fact that they brought back the Chinese guy that tortured Jack and Audrey. I was not expecting that. I’m glad Jack got to chop his head off with a samurai sword. That was cool, but it was typical that someone Jack cared about died AGAIN.

I should have know that Audrey was going to die because of the last conversation she had with Jack. She didn’t say the three little words that sign your death warrant, “I love you,” but she had a heart warming conversation with him and that counts sometimes, as “I love you,” in the 24 universe.

I’m worried that they will have another season. It was a season finale, not a series finale, so they could continue with 24. I don’t think they should, but they probably will.


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