The Strain (review)

I’ve been watching Guillermo del Toro’s new TV show, “The Strain”, and I have to say, del Toro has done it again. It is an excellent show and it keeps me interested the entire episode. I could watch an episode and all of a sudden see the end credits, and think, what the hell, but then realize that the show what so captivating that time went by quickly. I love shows like that.

From the previews of the show, I thought the show was about a plague. Then I learned that it is actually a vampire story, but with del Toro’s own twist. The show is based on a trilogy that del Toro wrote with another guy. I will be sure to read the books ASAP.

As I said, the show is very suspenseful. Quick some up, a airplane landed in New York and all the passengers were presumed dead, except for four survivors. As time went on, the dead passengers, weren’t so dead anymore, and the survivors are beginning to change themselves. Each episode, shows more of the changes happening to the survivors. I would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of Guillermo del Toro’s films and like vampire stories.

My Fears May Come True

My prediction of my brother and sister-in-law getting a divorce, may become a reality. My brother just sprung this on me and my sister out of nowhere. Then he said that my nephew would mostly likely end up with his mother. It didn’t Eben sound like they would have joint custody. I’m so scared I may not see my nephew again.

Apparently, my sister-in-law is interviewing at a job in Maine. If she gets it, she will move to Maine and take my nephew with her and divorce my brother. I want them to divorce, but not if it means I don’t get to see my nephew. I hope she doesn’t get the job. Fucking cunt!