Top Ten: Favorite Actors/Actresses

1: Morgan Freeman

With movies like, “Lean On Me,” “The Bucket List,” and “Wanted,” how could he not be one of my favorite actors. I think “Lean On Me” was the clincher.

2: Denzel Washington

So many movies to chose from that he was in. I’m especially fond of his portrayal of Malcolm X in Spike Lee’s film.

3: Johnny Depp

He shines in every role, I believe, even if the movie isn’t that great. He is excellent when paired with Tim Burton.

4: Zooey Deshcanel

I love her. She is so cute in everything she does and I want to marry her.

5: Angelina Jolie

Amazing actress in drama and action films. She is proof that a woman can be an amazing action star just as much as a man can.

6: Jason Segal

“How I Met Your Mother,” “I Love You Man,” and “Despicable Me,” are just a few examples that make him one of my favorite actors.

7: Eddie Murphy

Comedic gold. I love “Coming To America” and “Beverly Hills Cop.” I also like his family comedies like, “Dr. Dolittle” and “Daddy Day Care.”

8: Bill Murray

Three words, “Ghostbusters,” “Groundhog Day.”

9: Bruce Willis

Great action and drama star.

10: Jack Nicholson

Some of the best films, of his, I’ve seen, “The Shinning,” “Batman,” and “As Good As It Gets.”


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