Dominion (review)

I watched the premier of SyFy’s new show, “Dominion”, last night. Here is my review:

First off, it is not about angels vs. demons. it is angels vs. humans. That made me think of that movie, “Legion”, with Paul Bentley. Funny enough, when I was watching the beginning credits to Dominion, it actually read, “Based on the film, ‘Legion”. That cleared things up. It seems to take place years later, after the movie.

It was kind of boring for the first hour. Lot of setting up the characters and introducing this new world. I understand that is what needs to be done in a pilot, but it was still boring. Long story short, this is Romeo & Juliet, but with angels. Two families butting heads. Not as bad as the Capulets and Montagues, but still rivals. This world is strong believers in “upper” and “lower” class people. They even created new classes, I think. Each class has a specific number.

The second hour of the premier, brought more action to the show. I think now that the characters are introduced and we understand this world a bit, that the next episode will have more action, and suspense. We will see. If it doesn’t, I will stop watching it.


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