The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (review)

This morning, I said, enough is enough and went to go see Amazing Spider-Man 2. I saw it alone, but I didn’t care. I was just glad to see the movie and get out of the house.

As the title says, it was “Amazing”! Like I said before, Andrew Garfield is spectacular as both Peter Parker and Spider-Man. He’s a lovable dork, course he didn’t seem like a dork in this film, compared to the first one, but he was still lovable. He’s a cool Peter Parker, not a whiny little bitch Peter Parker, like Tobey Maguire made Peter Parker seem. As Spider-Man, Garfield nails it every time. He’s kind of a loud mouth and always cracking jokes. That is the kind of person Spider-Man appeared to me to be in the comics.

I was a little skeptical at first, about Jamie Fox, as Electro, but I thought he did a very nice job with his character. You really see how he changes from idolizing Spider-Man, to despising him. Green Goblin was cool too. Although, he did kind of look like the leprechaun from those horror movies, at least they don’t give him a shitty mask like they did with Willem Dafoe.

Overall, this movie and it’s predecessor, are the best Spider-Man movies. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy doesn’t even exist to me anymore. I did miss the traditional Bruce Campbell cameo in Raimi’s movies, but I can live without it.


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