Chocolate Cover Things

I’ve been wanting to do another cooking blog post, but I didn’t know what I to make. I was at the dollar store the other day and thought, why not cover a bunch of things in chocolate? I bought sour gummi worms, cheese balls, pretzel sticks, honey roasted peanuts, and generic goldfish crackers.

When I made the chocolate cover pretzels a couple months ago, I used semisweet chocolate chips, so it tasted more like dark chocolate to me. I don’t like dark chocolate, so I thought I would experiment. I added a 1\4 cup of milk to the chips when I put them in the microwave. I also added some sugar. I found the chips melted a lot faster and it did taste better, so I could start dipping everything.

I dipped a little bit of everything. When I was done, I put everything in the freezer to harden. The chocolate didn’t get as hard as before. It was more of a frosting consistency. Now I know, not to add milk.


Even though, the chocolate wasn’t hardened, the experiment of different snacks in chocolate was a success. The gummi worms are good in chocolate, and so are the goldfish, pretzel sticks, and the cheese balls. We already know chocolate cover peanuts are awesome, but know I know honey roasted peanuts covered in chocolate are even better.


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