Is Captain America: The Winter Soldier Better Than The Avengers?

I finally saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier tonight. It was a great movie. It was better than the first one and may even be better than Iron Man 3. One thing keep bugging me before seeing it though. Critics were saying it is better than The Avengers. I immediately said to myself, “I doubt it.” Now that I saw it, I can honestly say I was right.

It really is a great movie, but I don’t think any superhero movie can be better than The Avengers. Well, except maybe, The Avengers: Age of Ultron. The Avengers took multiple characters from different movies and brought them together. No movie has ever done that before. It had more variety. If you’re not a Captain America fan, you got Iron Man. If you’re not an Iron Man fan, you got Hulk. It was a series of movies made into one. There ‘s no coming back from that.


Did anyone notice, what it read on Nick Fury’s tombstone? I thought that was hilarious.


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