No One To Go To The Movies With

I still have not seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I also didn’t see Iron Man 3 or Thor: The Dark World, while they were in theaters. You know why, because, you guessed it, I have no friends. I probably won’t see Amazing Spider-Man 2 or X-Men: Days of Future’s Past in the theater either.

I used to go to the movies alone, and I was fine with it. I saw The Punisher, with Thomas Jane, by myself on opening day, and I saw The Dark Knight, the night before it came out, by myself. Now a days, I have no drive to go by myself. I have no drive to do many things.

I have to rely on family to see a movie. I would go see movies with my sister, but know she see’s movies with her boyfriend. I now occasionally see movies with my cousin, but it’s not that often.

Why don’t I have courage to make friends?


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