Why Do I Have To Make The First Move?

With Valentine’s Day just two days away, I can’t help but feel depressed that I have no one to shower with gifts or flowers. I have never had someone to love. I don’t even think anyone has ever been interested in me. If they had I didn’t know it. (I may have mentioned that before.) I am so clueless that I can’t even tell if a woman is flirting with me. She will have to lay it on nice and thick for me to get the idea. That is to say, if she actually makes the first move.

I wish that a girl would make the first move just once. Why can’t she ask me to see a movie or hang out. I had one girl ask me to grab a drink, but it ended up she just wanted to be friends. I have enough friends who are girls. I don’t need anymore. I could use guy friends, but that’s highly unlikely. I’m too shy to ask guys to hang out. Once again, I ask myself, why I have to make the first move?

Sometimes I think I am just destined to be alone, but then I realize I shouldn’t think that way because it is negative thinking and I don’t know what the future will bring. I just hope something good happens soon to make me think other wise.


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