What Is The Big Deal?

Lately, I keep seeing women with tattoos on the back of their necks. Also the tattoo is not just any tattoo, but a symbol for something. I think it’s Hebrew or something. I can’t help but wonder, what is the big deal? Why a tattoo on the back of your neck?

Maybe it is so they can hide it, if they have to, by putting their hair down. If that is the case, why bother getting it in the first place? Seems like just a waste of time and money. What happens when you get older? Your skin will start to sag and the tattoo won’t be clear anymore. Then You will probably regret getting it. Think hard, about the future, before you taint your skin.

Why the Hebrew symbol too? Are you even Jewish? Also are you that religious? Just because you mark yourself with a religious symbol doesn’t make you anymore “protected”. Your just flaunting your religious beliefs.


The True Meaning of His Name

M: Muslim, making decision, murdered for making a mockery of Mr. Muhammad, man not mouse
A: Arrested for anarchy, animal, ability to advise, ally of Allah
L: Larceny, loved, loyal, limited life, leader
C: Convict, criminal, conqueror, confident
O: Open minded, out spoken, opinionated, one of a kind
L: Lost soul, loved his family and fellow brothers
M: Minister of Muslims, mission to make blacks and whites live together peacefully

Brother Malcolm

I wrote this poem for Malcolm X. It talks about how Elijah Muhammad taught him that ALL white people are the devil, when in fact many black Muslims broke bread with fellow white Muslims. Also Elijah Muhammad had relations with many female Muslims and Malcolm X was killed by followers of Elijah Muhammad. I bring up all this in the poem. Enjoy!

Brother Malcolm

Gaining the trust of African Americans
Speaking the words that he thought were true
But what he was taught by his founder, was a lie

The man that made him what he was
Who taught him the way to Allah
Disgraced Brother Malcolm and led
Him to his demise

Why Do You Feel The Hero Needs More Than One Enemy?

With Amazing Spider-Man 2 just around the corner, I started to wonder why film makers think superheroes need more than one villain to battle? You’ve got Spider-Man 3 with Venom, Sandman, and Green Goblin, Fantastic Four 2 has Silver Surfer and Dr. Doom, Daredevil had Bullseye, Kingpin, and Elektra, and there are plenty more examples.

The reason can’t just be to make more money. There has to a real reason. Perhaps they want to make it more challenging for the hero. If that is the case, I think Spider-Man will have enough of a challenge with Electro and Rhino. There is no need to throw in Green Goblin, unless they plan on killing Gwen Stacey. If they do, I called it.

In my opinion, more than two villains in a superhero movie is pushing it.

Can’t Believe I Can Drive

Sometimes, like today, I can’t help but think of how amazing it is that I learned to drive a car. It has been 5 or 6 years, since I got my license. I took Driver’s Ed in high school, but I just took it to get the certificate. I did actually go for my permit because where I live doesn’t really require me to drive that often. I usually walk or take the trolley where ever I go.

Eight years past, and I started having these strange dreams about driving. I kept having them over and over again. I started to believe that it was the universe telling me, it was time to get my license.

Another main reason I didn’t want to get my license was because I had no one to practice with. I certainly wasn’t going to have my dad teach me because his teaching methods suck. I never learned to ride a bike because he was so evil trying to teach me. Eventually, my mother forced him to stop trying. I didn’t want him teaching me anything, so I decide to look online for a driving school.

Luckily, I found one that was well reviewed and conveniently provided the car and would pick you up anywhere. I immediately signed up and was ready to get started. After a couple lesson, I took the road test. I failed it, but the second time I took I passed and I did a perfect parallel park. Later at the RMV, I even met Kendrick Perkins of the Boston Celtics. They had just won the Championship, so that was pretty cool.

Once, I had my license, I didn’t drive that much as I expected, but a few months later that changed. My father had and accident and broke his back. He was in the hospital, so I had to drive the family back and forth to the hospital, and then once he was out of the hospital, I had to drive him to physical therapy. I had TONS of practice driving, and I got really good thanks to the driving school. The universe knew I needed to learn to drive because I was going to be the only one capable of driving for a long time. My mother and sister don’t drive, so I had to be the family driver.

I have been doing great these past years, no speeding tickets, no accidents, I got one parking ticket, but that’s not that bad. Everyone says I’m a much better driver than my father. He even admits it.

You Are Setting a Bad Example

I am tired of hearing about a convenience store that was held up by a Latino. As a Latino, I can’t help but think these morons that rob places, don’t realize that they are get giving Latin people everywhere a bad name. All they are doing is giving people against illegal aliens more reason to hate them and want them out of our country.

Every time I watch the news and hear about the latest robbery, I wait to hear the name of the perp and sure enough it is always a Latin name. If it wasn’t enough that most drugs come from Latin America, now most criminals are from Latin America.

Why can’t they find honest work? We are the ones that do the jobs that nobody else will, so you should have no problem finding honest work.