Batman vs. Superman Poll Question #2

Click here to answer my second poll question for Batman vs. Superman and please share the link with others.

The reason I’m doing these polls is because I’m curious to see what people really thought about the movie. It seems to me there are a lot of bad choices with this movie.

I have not seen it and I don’t intend to. I’m not pay money to see an “almost” 3 hour movie, unless it’s Avengers. I can what until it’s on Netflix.


Great Idea For a Marvel Movie

After seeing Avengers: Age of Ultron and continuously watching Guardians of The Galaxy, I got a great idea for a Marvel Comics movie that they should make.

They should write a script for a movie starring Chris Pratt, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth. That would mean Star Lord, Captain America, and Thor would be the focus of the movie.

The movie doesn’t need to follow any of the Marvel comic stories. It would be an original story written exclusively for these three characters.

I think it would make a great film and it would be fun to say, “Have you seen that Marvel Chris’ movie, yet”?

How To Turn Cheese Into Bacon

How To Turn Cheese Into Bacon:

I had to try this because I love bacon, but I don’t always have it in the house. I usually have shredded mozzarella though, so this helps my bacon craving.

Check it:


I left it a little too long on high heat on one side, but still tasted great. Very crispy like bacon and smokey. It went great on my burger. When I was done cooking, my kitchen even smelled like I had been cooking bacon. Funny.

PB and J Stuffed French Toast (recipe)

Peanut Butter and Jelly Stuffed French Toast (recipe):

I made this today. I thought of putting some cinnamon and sugar to the eggs and then beating them.

Here is my results:


When I was flattening the sandwich, after putting the PB and J,most of the jelly oozed out. The result was that my sandwich was more a PB and little J sandwich, but it was still good. Also the cinnamon and sugar made it taste even better.

This video is also funny because you see the other brother, and he is obviously stoned. You can even see smoke coming from a joint, that is probably sitting in an ashtray off camera.

Homemade Doritos (recipe)

Homemade Doritos – Cool Ranch/Classic Nacho:

This is a great recipe and a funny parody. I can’t get “Another Brick In The Wall” out of my head, though, but still awesome.

Here are my results:


I fooled around with how long to fry each side. Sometimes it was a minute, sometimes it was half.

Once I got going, didn’t want to stop. I just kept cutting up tortillas. I went through a bag and a half of tortillas.  That made two big ziplock bags worth of chips.

When I was done frying,  I sprinkled the ranch dressing mix into the ziplock bags with the chips and gently shock the bags.

They were so good.  I may never buy Doritos again. I’ll just make my own.